Part of Wieland Electric’s  popular RST pluggable installation range, the new RST® MICRO08i3  provides a waterproof option that has been designed for the safe and reliable installation of lighting systems where a high degree of protection from water ingress is required. The RST ®MICRO system is optimised for the interfaces between voltage or current sources and LED modules, providing the ideal solution for dimming or DMX applications.

Many lighting installations fail due to water ingress cause by a variety of reasons which can include incorrectly executed installations or damage to wiring or temperature differences, hence the moisture damage. Wieland’s RST® MICRO08i3 resolves this issue as it incorporates an integrated water stop with a barrier seal.  Available in a 2 or 3 pole option and with a diameter of less than 15mm, RST ®MICRO it the smallest connector currently in the range and perfect for a wide range of applications.

The RST ®MICRO system comprises of connectors, M14 device connectors, pre-assembled conductors and splitters.  All of the RST range of connectors has benefit of screw terminal contacts and mating components that are interlocked by simply snapping the parts together, thus improving safety and efficiency as there is no room for error.  For more information on the range see the website