On the Isle of Man in the middle of the Irish Sea, one of the latest councils to switch to energy efficient LED lighting, Douglas Borough Council, has chosen Thorn Lighting’s popular R2L2 Small & Medium fittings and Lucy Zodion CMS drivers for the conversion. The new system has also ensured the Council is providing a better light quality for road users, as the LED lanterns produce a whiter light which improves night-time vision and colour definition.

Thorn Lighting’s Craig Lensky worked on the projects design and praised Douglas Borough Council for ‘investing to save’ after the Council resolved to convert the borough’s 4,400 street lighting lanterns to Thorns LED luminaires. The scheme also led to the Council winning the Biggest Saving in the Public Sector category in the Department of Economic Development’s 2017 Energy Awards.

Thorn’s R2L2 is a complete road lantern family at the forefront of LED technology that offers excellent lighting performance and maximises energy savings with a wide range of intelligent lighting control solutions from standalone dimming to fully remote control via central monitoring system. Both sizes have been utilised for the Douglas project, offering extensive optical, lumen and light distribution options for all road applications.

R2L2 features an efficient (up to 120lm/W) R-PEC optic with 12 light distributions for precise light placement with minimum waste light, has tilt adjustment up to 15° and easy to fit back and front louvres which can be fitted retrospectively for extra light control and comfort.

R2L2 has been installed in conjunction with the Lucy Zodion “Vizion Central Management System” (CMS) to provide a complete street lighting management solution. Vizion CMS gives you complete control of the street lighting network, with the ability to switch, vary light output and monitor from a computer or web enabled device. Vizion provides an extremely accurate control, monitoring and reporting system covering fault identification, energy use, billing, lamp status, performance data and predictive maintenance.

Launched in February 2017 the £1.5 million capital investment scheme is projected to achieve energy savings of around £2.7 million over the lanterns’ 15-year warranty period. The R2L2 lanterns have excellent flexible dimming ability and coupled with the Vision CMS remote dimming features when enabled will further produce energy savings and reductions in maintenance. Councillor Ritchie McNicholl, Environmental Services Chair, commented “These energy-efficient units lower wattage consumption by around a half, so significantly reduce energy use. They also require far less maintenance and the whole system is fully automated to achieve optimum regulation of light levels. The whiter, more natural light produced by LED lanterns improves lighting levels and creates a general feeling of greater safety and security. I believe it’s fair to say that by implementing this scheme the Council is not only improving quality of light but also quality of life in the Borough”