A modular wiring system and connectors from Wieland Electric are integral components in the newly constructed Reflector building, a landmark office and residential development situated on Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock.

The Reflector, owned by Park Developments Group, is a six-storey over basement building that extends to over 123,000 sq. ft. and has been completed to the highest of standards that include LEED Gold V4 accreditation and A3 BER Certification.  The landmark facility has an impressive water frontage and spans over 75 metres of Hannover Quay and has extensive views of the inner dock in Dublin’s central business district.

Working alongside the consultant engineer, Ethos Engineering, and the installer, Winthrop Engineering, Core Electrical Ltd designed and locally supplied the unique modular wiring system for the project, integrating an intelligent, modular lighting control system to fulfil the requirements of the brief.  Core, Wieland’s exclusive distributor for building installation products across Ireland, utilised Wieland wiring systems to provide a fast, hassle-free installation that would reduce installation costs and future-proof the building. With digital innovations currently in the spotlight, it’s important not to lose sight of the ‘basics’ and, as far as a building’s services go, the cabling is a fundamental element of any project as it’s essential for the building’s efficient performance and habitability, as well as providing the connectivity required for smart performance, so it’s important to apply the principles of intelligent construction to the cabling methodology as applied to the building as a whole. Wieland modular wiring and connection systems offer maximum performance and reliability, providing a fast, secure and flexible installation that delivers the perfect match for todays’ stringent requirements and its inherent flexibility means that any changes to the system can be accommodated quickly should the layout be changed at a later stage.

The key advantage of a smart approach to cabling is the ability to reduce the overall costs of construction for the end client. Use of a structured wiring system with ‘plug and play’ connectivity, supplied pre-tested and pre-assembled off site for easy connection, has been shown to generate savings of 70% in installation time resulting in a significant reduction in costs. When this data is analysed intelligently, by considering the slightly higher capital costs of structured wiring compared to traditional wiring, there is still typically an average 30% saving on final installed cost. The modular wiring and lighting control system at The Reflector has provided a solution that reaches the environmental and user comfort objectives of today’s modern office facilities to offer convenience, performance and future proofing in one touch.