Delivering the best support to our customers is key and something Constant Power Services has been undertaking for over 30 years, by providing services of value that will enhance their customers equipment.

Through working with our customers and establishing what they need and what would compliment the existing service packages already available,  Constant Power Services has launched there new 4 & 7 year remedial service package.


Over time general wear and tear occurs with any consumable parts contained within a UPS and although regular servicing and maintenance occurs there are parts that may become worn and require change.

Our new service offer work alongside your equisting service contracts and should be seen as an enhancement and extra security.  Prolonging the life span of your equipment and ensuring that it is working to its optimum.

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About Constant Power services

Since the late 80’s Constant Power Services Ltd has excelled in providing support to businesses seeking quality uninterruptible power supplies, installation, and aftercare. We appreciate the complexities of a specification, the time constraints on finalising a project and understand that it can all change in a second.

Constant Power Services offer a range of products from smaller 700va Uninterruptible Power Supplies to 6.4mva systems, containerised 252kw units for hire or purchase, generators and switchgear. Our turnkey solutions are tailored to your requirements.


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