The world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis has shown that innovation doesn’t have to be restricted to new product development; having enhanced a product that has been one of its best-sellers for over 20-years.

Ellis’ technical team have taken the company’s cable hangers, which are used primarily in the rail industry and made them stronger and, remarkably, cheaper.

Stephen Walton, Ellis’ technical director, said: “We’ve been successfully manufacturing and selling our cable hangers for two decades, and it’s fair to say that the design is tried, tested and completely trusted by all those who use it.”

Ellis achieved this by looking at every aspect of the product and looking at ways to improve on it. The first key development is that there are two different versions of the new Ellis cable hanger – a standard Mk2 cable hanger, and a convex hanger; the latter designed specifically for use in tunnels, where the mounting surface is often curved.

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