E-T-A Circuit Breakers, quality designer and manufacturer of a broad range of electro- mechanical and electronic products for circuit protection, has introduced the ETR10 smart power relay, which features both a timer function and electronic overcurrent protection. The remotely controllable solid-state timer relay fits a standard 4-pole or 7-pole automotive relay socket for 12V or 24V systems and is capable of switching currents between 1A and 30A.

The E-T-A ETR10 Electronic Timer Relay offers programmable timer functions such as a time delay, pulsing or blinking, together with equipment protection in the event of a fault occurring – all in the single component. Status and signal outputs enable remote monitoring. It is remotely resettable after overload tripping if an overload has caused the relay to switch off. Status and signal outputs enable monitoring.

It is suitable for on-board electrical systems where magnetic valves, motors or lamps have to be switched and protected. Typical applications include road vehicles of all kinds, construction and agricultural vehicles, rail vehicles, leisure and workboats, as well as in industrial process control and production systems.

The electronic switching removes the sound and wear problems associated with mechanical contacts, and at the same time makes the component insensitive to shock, vibrations and dust.

The ETR10 measures 30mm x 30mm x 40mm deep, fitting a standard ISO Mini automotive relay socket (to ISO 7588). It is available in a range of current ratings between 1A and 30A and is configurable in many other ways, making it adaptable to a very wide range of customer requirements.

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