The new PM7000 kit from Outram Research includes new guides that allows power engineers to set-up their power quality analysers and begin recording 470 general parameters and up to 32 detailed channels of power quality data, including transient waveforms, quickly and easily.

The new Hook-Up Checklist and Guide to Factory Configurations help engineers set-up the analyser and prevents configuration errors. Vector diagrams in the checklist explain how to interpret the readings from the analyser, whilst an LED ‘traffic light’ system gives indication that the system has been set-up correctly.

Outram’s Single Cycle Adaptive Store technology eliminates the need to set trigger levels and records down to a single cycle those disturbances that are most likely to show the cause of power quality issues, no matter how long the recording period. In addition, the powerful auto-ranking waveform capture feature automatically stores the waveforms of the greatest disturbances or abnormalities during a recording, and presents only the most severe.

The kit includes fused voltage leads and Rogowski coils, accurate to one percent, and a netbook or windows compatible mobile phone, which has been configured to communicate with the analyser.

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