The new PD440 and PD430 (below) proving devices are well suited for use with Drummond Test Lamps, Digital Multimeters and Low Impedance Voltage Testers, and also generate voltages up 450V, thus offering a greater level of operator safety.

Use of higher voltages than seen in the real world can be misleading, therefore voltage indicators should be proven at the normal working voltage.

The PD430 adds a lower voltage range of 50V. This is because 50V can be lethal so it is important for extra safety that you can prove your voltage indicator will illuminate at 50V which is an IEC 61243 requirement.

The lightweight, compact and portable nature of the new devices allow them to be carried around conveniently in an electricians toolkit. Therefore, test instruments can be proved before and after working on any circuit as advocated by the Electrical Safety Council.

The new PD430 and PD440 proving devices are supplied complete with batteries and a carry case, and come with a two year guarantee.