A new thermal imaging camera has been launched by FLIR that incorporates the company’s new Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) which aids the efficiency of thermal inspection and analysis.

For example, MSX provides clear thermal detail of a fuse box on the infrared image and any writing on the box is visible as well. This patent pending technology takes detail from the visual image to improve the thermal image – a form of superfusion.

This feature is complimented by user selectable, continuous autofocus for which the new FLIR T600 is equipped with dual five megapixels visual cameras to estimate distance. The facility can be applied to steadily moving targets, if required, and through all interchangeable lenses with the exception of the macro.

For ease of reporting the FLIR T600 incorporates matching field of view, and for the first time users can additionally add unlimited sketch annotations to the image via the camera’s touch screen. The final new addition is a compass that complements built-in GPS.

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