Leading health and safety consultancy to employ new technology to provide fast, responsive and cost-effective health and safety inspections  

Tennyson Suite, the leading South of England health and safety consultant, is planning to roll out a network of 4G enabled cameras to enable site inspections to be carried out remotely. Clients will be supplied with a high resolution camera, which will be used to stream a live feed from any site direct to the Tennyson Suite consultant.

Tennyson Suite will provide initial training to ensure that the person operating the camera is familiar with the use of the technology. The inspection will also be accompanied by the operative and Tennyson Suite speaking to one another during the streaming process in case a particular area needs to be re-visited or focused upon, ensuring that the same level of detail is achieved as in a physical inspection. Immediate electronic sign off of the inspection can then take place by email.

John Lawrence, Health and Safety Director at Tennyson Suite comments: “We have always been keen to employ new technology where it is appropriate and realistic to do so, without compromising on safety. Using 4G cameras reduces the opportunity for delay to the construction schedule as the site does not need to be closed down awaiting an inspection. This approach is also cheaper for clients, as charges only apply to the inspection time, eliminating the cost associated with travel time and expenses.”

He concludes: “We anticipate that this approach will enable us to carry out more inspections, helping to ensure that we send more people home safely at night. Initial feedback has been positive, and we expect to quadruple our inspections from two to eight per day.”

The service will initially be rolled out to Tennyson Suite’s retained and contracted clients only.

For more information about Tennyson Suite’s range of services or for more information about CDM, telephone 01273 646737 or visit www.tennyson-suite.co.uk.