Fire safety and security provider Scotshield has chosen Prysmian FP cables for the fire safety systems in the New South Glasgow Hospital (NGSH).

Scotshield specialises in life safety systems and worked together with consultants to specify Prysmian FP PLUS enhanced fire resistant cable to ensure maximum safety and circuit integrity.

Approximately 180,000m of Prysmian FP PLUS is currently being installed to connect in excess of 16,000 devices such as call points and smoke detectors in the campus.

Robert Moore, director at Scotshield, is responsible for overseeing the installation team based at the NSGH project and they are currently installing all of the new fire devices. Moore explained, “The cables had to be of the highest quality to ensure maximum fire safety in the unfortunate case of fire. Our engineers prefer the FP range to competitor products because they are so easy to work with both during installing and terminating. In addition, using enhanced soft skin cables is a very cost effective incentive to our clients”. The FP range contains cables for most applications that require a fire resistant cable and they are designed and manufactured in the UK.

The codes of practice for the design, installation and commissioning of electrical emergency systems each require fire resistant cables for their power, control and communication. Prysmian FP range has a range of fire resistant solutions for each application.

Built on the site of the existing Southern General Hospital, the new campus is looking to provide the gold standard of healthcare for patients. This includes providing the most up to date precautions in fire safety. Fire resistant cables are increasingly specified in public access buildings and in NGSH, one of the biggest hospitals in the UK, fire safety is paramount.

Scotshield has completed nearly 40% of the fire installation in the new maternity wards, children’s and adult’s acute hospitals and state of the art laboratories. The hospital will have the biggest critical care complex and one of the largest emergency departments in Scotland in response to an increasing number of patients. The hospital is the largest design and construction project north of the border and is due for completion in 2015.