Electrical contractors, installers and photovoltaic professionals in Birmingham and the Midlands are invited to attend a free Continuing Professional/Personal Development (CPD) in Birmingham on 13th May at the Plough and Harrow Hotel.

During the seminar attendees will hear from industry leaders about how innovative ‘green technologies’ can reduce electricity costs. They will also learn how installing voltage optimisation systems can lead to increased revenues.

Experts will demonstrate the benefits of implementing effective sustainability strategies, especially the installation of voltage optimisation, which has been used in many commercial sectors including manufacturing, hospitality, retail, education and the public sector, for over a decade. Speakers will be from leading voltage optimisation company VO4, Inenco Group, Powerstar and CTC Energy.

Designed for use in homes and small businesses, VO4 voltage optimisation systems optimise incoming voltage to a constant 220V, delivering immediate energy savings. Unlike larger commercial systems, VO4 only require a simple 2 wires in, 2 wires out installation and can take as little as 30 minutes to fit.

In the current economic climate installing VO4 systems can provide a welcome added revenue stream for installers as well as added competitor advantage.

All attendees will be awarded with training certificates and self-assessment forms on completion of the event. A free lunch and gift for all attendees will also be provided.