In November this year the IEC 61439 switchgear and control gear systems standard will take effect. This is something that design engineers need to be aware of. The standard also applies to wall mounted control panels as well as floor standing power distribution assemblies.

For the smaller control panels with current ratings of below 630A, the ratings of the busbar system and control gear components must be derated in line with the standard. A key feature of the standard is the calculation of the maximum internal temperature of enclosures.

To assist the design engineer Rittal can supply Therm software that will calculate internal temperature and Power Engineering software that can design the panel layout in line with the standards.

A free guidebook (pictured below) is available to assist with compliance with IEC 61439 by contacting Rittal – In other news Rittal has also introduced a new fan speed control sensor for its TopTherm fan-and-filter units. This device, which is compatible with the larger models in the range of
electronically commutated (EC) TopTherm fan-and-filter units, automatically adjusts the fan speed in response to changes in temperature inside the enclosure.

The sensor will help to reduce energy consumption and consequently, running costs.

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