As part of its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar programme, fire industry specialist Gent by Honeywell is launching a new training course based on the latest EN54-23 regulation.
The CPD course will provide a comprehensive overview of the new EN54-23 standard on selecting and designing visual alarms devices (VADs). Aimed at risk assessors, building management, designers, installers and maintainers of all fire detection and alarm (FDA) systems, the training session will enable attendees to gain an understanding of the key drivers of this new standard and explore what has changed since its introduction.
The course, entitled EN54-23 Made Easy, will include practical examples of when VADs should be used and how to select the right devices depending on the environment. In addition, it will cover what specific tools are available to make life easier for designers and look at how the standard has been incorporated into BS5839 Part 1.
Gent’s CPD seminars are recognised as the fire industry’s principal education forum and cover all aspects of fire detection including legislation, building regulations and standards. The programme of CPD seminars has gained several external accreditations and has been officially certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service.
EN54-23 Made Easy is the latest in Gent’s line up of 13 technical seminars that complement the company’s comprehensive range of fire detection and alarm products. Each of the courses have been written to enable professionals in the industry to acquire new knowledge and skills and provide a better understanding of the key considerations surrounding a particular subject area.
Donald McFarlane, Gent business manager for UK & Ireland said: “EN54-23 has been viewed as one of the more complex standards since its introduction. This new CPD seminar will help to remove any areas of confusion by covering the key elements of the VAD regulations in a very straightforward and simple way. We take great pride in our educational role. The fire industry is continuously evolving and it is crucial for people to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing standards and equipment by acquiring new knowledge and improving existing skills. The latest industry development is EN54-23 and this course will now make it far easier for attendees to understand.”