Power & Energy Monitoring is made simple with the new Hioki PW3360-20 Power & Energy Logger, This power and energy logger from the Test Tools Shop enables the user to visually see all the AC measurement parameters live via its full colour LCD display, power and energy data is then recorded for later analysis. The user can then produce energy load profiles to monitor individual items of equipment or a complete facility. You can also review your energy consumption over specific time frames days/weeks/months comparing past and present consumption load profiles in this way will confirm the energy savings that have been achieved. Load profiles for different circuits within a facility can also be monitored so that the load across each circuit/phase of your electrical supply is well balanced, reducing the risk of overload and thus loss of production, services or serious electrical damage to your facility. Product Link

For fixed site monitoring The Test Tools Shop offers the Sineax DM5S from Camille Bauer it’s a multifunctional programmable transducer that allows you to monitor up to 50 different AC variables via the CB-Manager software and a simple USB interface. Up to four 0…20mA analogue outputs are offered for data logging or control applications. To further enhance its industrial control applications a version with Modbus interface is also available…all Ex-stock from the Test Tools Shop. Product Link