Chester based, CSA Group-Sira, a world leader in the conformity assessment solutions field, is pleased to announce the launch of its Special Inspection and US Field Evaluation Programmes, delivered from the UK, for electrical equipment used in domestic and industrial applications across Canada and US, respectively.

A Special Inspection and/or US Field Evaluation approval offers a one-time inspection service at a manufacturer’s facility or other specified location.  When laboratory assessment of a product is not feasible (e.g., where products are heavy, large, built in-situ, or manufactured in a limited time production run) a Special Inspection and/or US Field Evaluation is an alternative route for compliance activities.

The Special Inspection and/or US Field Evaluation programme offers fast turnaround times and reduced travel costs due to the technical resource now present in the UK.  They ensure products are compliant with local mandatory regulations and provide a simple solution that allows businesses to safely operate their equipment.

Special Inspection and/or US Field Evaluation programmes bridge the gap between uncertified equipment and a code-compliant installation acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).  These programmes are, therefore, not intended to replace traditional full certification but permit an evaluation of equipment by addressing minimal construction, marking and testing requirements.  

After successful assessment has taken place CSA Group-Sira issues an inspection report and serialised labels for equipment to be applied on-site.  The serialised labels serve as a visible sign that equipment is compliant and can be applied to machinery on the spot. A label will contain a unique serial number and is valid on the inspected piece of equipment within the designated location.

Adam Garner, Business Manager for CSA Group-Sira SI Team, comments:  “Special Inspections and US Field Evaluations are established processes within CSA Group that allow manufacturers to export product to Canada and US. Since Sira’s acquisition by CSA Group in 2009 we have introduced several CSA Group services and operate them locally in the UK and Europe.  Special Inspections and US Field Evaluations are additional services that we are now able to provide thanks to our ownership by CSA group.

Manufacturers of equipment needing these approvals based in the UK or Western Europe will especially benefit by the fact we now operate these services from our UK location, as we can quickly and cost effectively visit site and provide these services, compared with an Inspector travelling from Canada or US.”

CSA Group-Sira also offers a Technical Information Service (TIS) in support of equipment to obtain a Special Inspection and/or US Field Evaluation approval.

For further information, contact Adam Garner from CSA Group-Sira on T: +44 (0) 1244 670 927 or E:

For EU Enquiries, contact Franco Costantini from CSA Group on T: +49 69 509 571 820 or E: