With 80 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of standby power products, Dale Power Solutions offer unrivalled expertise in the support of all critical power protection applications, including generators, AC and DC UPS and charger systems and with over 100 nationwide service personnel, we really do put the SOLUTION into the CRITCAL POWER INDUSTRY.

Dale Power Solutions are proud to announce the launch of additional products to compliment their existing range of E-series on-line UPS. The comprehensive product range suits a wide range of applications from 1 to 600kVA, single and three phase, stand alone, modular and parallel redundant UPS systems. New additions to the product range include:

E300 Series

Cutting edge technology, high frequency double conversion on-line UPS. Three phase input and output with ratings from 10 to 250kVA. Fully digitised microprocessor control and robust IGBT rectifier design. Parallel capacity or redundancy up to 16 units (4MVA). Available from stock with standard or customised matching battery solutions. For more information visit:  www.dalepowersolutions.com/ups/e300-series

E600 Series

A flexible and scalable modular UPS solution, offering state of the art, high frequency on-line DSP technology. Full and half height cabinets capable of holding up to UPS modules in single of three phase configuration from 4 to 200kVA. Configurable N+X modular redundancy and system parallel capacity expansion to 800kVA (4x 200kVA units).  The new three phase 20kVA modules are capable of achieving an amazing 96% efficiency operating on-line and 98% in ECO mode. Available from stock with matching hot-plug battery solutions. For more information visit:  www.dalepowersolutions.com/ups/e600-series

E700 Series

Compact range of high frequency, on-line double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supplies with internal maintenance free VRLA batteries. Three phase input and output rated 10, 15, 20 and 30kVA with long run time batteries. Perfect for low cost, small footprint applications where space is at a premium. This product series can also be paralleled for redundancy or capacity expansion (up to 4 units). Available from stock today. For more information visit:  www.dalepowersolutions.com/ups/e700-series

E800 Series

A comprehensive range of true sine wave, on-line double conversion technology Uninterruptible Power Supplies with full DSP control. Three phase input and output, available with a wide range of outputs from 10 to 600kVA with parallel capability up to 16 units (9.6MVA). Packed with sophisticated features and functionality. Open architecture design provides full access to facilitate easy maintenance. Available from stock with standard or customised matching battery solutions. For more information visit:  www.dalepowersolutions.com/ups/e800-series

Interested in becoming a UPS reseller?

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for Dale Power Solutions, please ask about our Partner Programme.  We can help grow your UPS sales business, profitably, and with a partner that understands the UPS world in which we operate. With a wide product range available, backed by technical excellence and full service capability, why not contact Dale Power Solutions to find out more. Visit our website www.dalepowersolutions.com/ups or call us on 01723 583 511