With simple installation, users can lower operating costs, improve safety and optimize comfort by controlling test schedules for emergency luminaires

ABB is releasing a range of exit signs, downlights, anti-panic and escape lighting designed to work with the well-known open-source DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) connectivity protocol for ease of installation, efficient monitoring and a greater assurance of safety.

The new ABB emergency lighting products will install seamlessly into any DALI smart lighting system and can interface with KNX and Dali installations through the ABB DALI Gateway. Each luminaire can test itself or, if installed with the ABB DALI emergency lighting control system, a touch-screen control panel can be programmed to set up automatic function and duration tests on each luminaire at weekly, monthly or annual intervals to ensure uninterrupted service. The results from each test are stored on a spreadsheet, which can be shared with regulators or local safety officials to prove the continuity of operations.

The ease of installing DALI-enabled lights reduces installation costs, while the automatic monitoring feature reduces the cost of operations and provides the maximum assurance of safe and continuous operation.

The DALI protocol is the most prevalent open-source connection protocol in the smart lighting market with about a 32-percent market share. All products in the ABB DALI emergency lighting range are certified to internationally recognized standards and will be registered with the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance, or DiiA, an industry group that standardizes and monitors the certification of key players who use the DALI protocol. ABB is a member of the DiiA.

“The new DALI emergency lighting range will let building managers control all of their lighting through a smart system, from environmentally friendly standard lighting to emergency lights that are crucial to providing safety,” Paul Onyett, Global Product Manager DALI Emergency Lighting. “The ease of installation and the automatic monitoring capabilities that are built into the emergency lighting range are particularly useful, as they allow for a maximum assurance of safety with a minimum investment of time.”

In addition to its newest DALI emergency lighting range, ABB offers the Elkay easyDALI system, offering environmentally smart controls for standard and emergency lighting. The system includes a range of sensors that can adjust lighting levels for presence or absence, along with adjustments to optimize the use of natural light for maximum energy efficiency.

ABB also offers two versions of the DALI-Gateway, which allows the interconnection of lighting groups on the DALI and KNX 

platforms, with control and monitoring via KNX. KNX is an open-source digital platform that can control multiple building functions.

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