With the UK population now using an average of four connected devices each*, it means the charging of devices can turn the family home into a battleground.

Peace and harmony can now be achieved in your home thanks to ‘USBeautiful’ sockets from BG Electrical , where USB charging ports are seamlessly incorporated into easy- to-replace wall sockets.

Here are three reasons to love USBeautiful:

  1. There are options for two, three or four USB ports depending on how gadget-crazy your family is. The four port option is perfect for areas which will have multiple devices, for example in the heart of the home, the kitchen.
  2. Once fully charged then USBeautiful’s standby mode will kick in, which saves on your electicity bill. Smart technology built into the socket recognises the type of device you’re charging and adjusts the power accordingly.
  3. USBeautiful is easy to install or replace, simply remove your old socket – no need to adjust your wall-mounting box and comes with colour-coded terminals for quick and easy installation.

The USBBeautiful range is available at retail outlets, including B&Q, Screwfix, Wilko, Argos and Homebase, or your local electrical wholesaler. For more information visit http://www.usbeautiful.co.uk/