With the summer of sport likely to divide TV-watching families, keeping up with all the action on phones and tablets will be essential for many of us.

However, slow or patchy Wi-Fi coverage around the home can be frustrating – and with the World Cup and Wimbledon likely to see multiple devices being used at the same time, the need for uninterrupted Wi-Fi has never been more important!

BG Electrical has launched Wi-Fi Range Extender wall sockets – which will help boost Wi-Fi into those hard to reach places in your home – up to 30 metres.

Here are five reasons to fit these ahead of the summer:

  1. Range extenders take existing internet wireless signals and rebroadcast them to areas of the home where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or even non-existent.
  2. They work with all wireless broadband routers meaning you don’t have to replace anything in order to improve connectivity.
  3. They’re easy to install and can replace your existing sockets without changing the wall mounted box. Set up is done by one-touch of the WPS button.
  4. Range extenders are suitable for all devices computers, tablets, mobile phones, games consoles, TVs – perfect for a gadget-crazy family.
  5. No additional plug-in adapters are needed – keep your sockets free for other devices.

The BG Electrical Wi-Fi socket range extender is available from many retail outlets, including Screwfix, Argos, B&Q, Wickes and Tool Station, or local electrical wholesaler. For more information visit  bgelectrical.uk/wifi-sockets.