Ellis has once again demonstrated why it is seen as the global innovator in the cable cleat market by developing a bespoke solution for Balfour Beatty to safely secure power cables running the length of the New Wear Crossing in Sunderland.

Currently under construction, the new two span cable-stayed bridge features an A-frame pylon rising to 105m (344ft), and will span the River Wear between Castletown on the north bank and Pallion on the south.

Ellis was approached by Balfour Beatty after its initial plan to secure the cables proved unworkable due to the product in question not having the necessary approvals. And although Ellis had no suitable, standard alternatives, the company’s innovative product development team went back to the drawing board and developed a project specific solution that finally secured the order.

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “In the past we if we didn’t have a standard product for a project we’d been asked to quote on that would have been the end of it. Today though we are very much the industry solutions provider, and as such if we don’t already have the perfect solution we will design and manufacture it.”

Designed to support Emtelle ducts, which in turn support the power cables running the length of the bridge, the Ellis solution incorporates 252 specially designed assemblies, each comprising 12 standard 2F+172 clamps and a stainless steel support frame.

Once complete the Wear Crossing will carry two lanes of traffic in each direction, plus dedicated cycle ways and pedestrian footpaths. It is scheduled to open in spring 2018 and will be twice the height of Nelson’s Column.

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