Following its acquisition of the Harvard brand and IP earlier this year, Harvard Power Systems is now using the resources of its Gallant Lighting group company to centre manufacture of the popular Harvard LED drivers and LED light-engines in India.

Whilst the Harvard Power Systems sales, warehouse and engineering base is in Leeds UK, the company has just completed the full transition of all manufacturing and production to the group’s specialist electronic manufacturing facilities in India.

Artur Tobolski at Harvard Power Systems has been responsible for managing the production engineering for this Harvard equipment and processes for more than 15 years and commented, “After spending many weeks based in India, overseeing the safe transit of the original Harvard machinery, plant and equipment from its previous UK location to its new home in Kochi, India, I am pleased that we have now successfully completed this huge undertaking. All installations are now successfully completed with all of the re-commissioned plant and equipment fully up and running to its full potential and I am delighted with the results.”

Gallant Lighting’s complete group of factories and test facilities allows the continuation and growth of the respected Harvard, high quality LED drivers and light-engines whilst the Harvard UK design and engineering team will support innovative new product development. This key group of UK personnel offer the benefit of historical knowledge and skillset to support an exciting product portfolio, including latest state-of-the-art and high specification designs.

Technical Manager for Harvard, Trever Parrett added, “Live manufacturing and product test data for all items in production is seamlessly available on our local servers allowing us to monitor and control the design, safety and performance characteristics of each manufacturing batch. This is particularly important for us in maintaining our design authority and ensuring consistency and compliance with all relevant specifications.”

Harvard’s forward-leaning strategy will remain focused on providing high quality, specification-rich lighting components from its UK sales, technical and distribution base. Managing Director Mark Needham commented, “I am delighted to welcome Artur back from his time in India and thank him for his valuable assistance in completing this successful process. Artur will now transfer from his full-time engineering role to a more commercial and sales focused position as Sales Support Engineer within our UK team. I am pleased to support Artur in his new role which I am sure will be instrumental to our progress moving forward.”

Harvard has produced a new LED driver catalogue for 2020 which showcases a large selection of its wide product portfolio.

This new catalogue is now available to download on the Harvard website , or a copy can be requested by calling +44 (0) 113 880 5405, or emailing