Panduit’s VeriSafe system minimises the risk of electrical hazards by checking the absence of voltage in the control cabinet. Compared to alternative portable test instruments, plant operators and machine builders are able to quickly check the safety of the electrical environment.

VeriSafe ensures an electrically safe environment is provided before voltage-free working with electrical installations, automatically ensuring the entire test process is complied with for each individual test. With virtually the push of a button, the product automates the required six-step testing process in 10-seconds. Electrical safety is achieved in both 3- and 1-phase applications with 50 or 60 Hz and up to 600 V. The test system can be easily mounted and integrated in EMC-compliant constructions.

Eliminating electrical hazards and risks in switchgear for people, production and buildings is essential. VeriSafe allows plant constructors to guarantee their design and compliance with electrical safety, fire safety and mechanical safety standards.