Lightweight & highly portable camera – takes crystal-clear pictures from as close as 5cm

Extronics, a leading designer and manufacturer of intrinsically safe and explosion proof equipment, have announced the launch of their latest digital camera for hazardous areas – the iCAM502.  Building on the outstanding success of the original iCAM501, this latest model has a number of significant new enhancements designed for users with high performance requirements.

The new auto-focus lens allows crystal-clear images to be taken from as close as 5cm. This makes the iCAM502 ideal for taking pictures of rating plates, close-ups of wiring cabinets etc. (see sample image) The auto-focus lens also provides pin sharp images at all distances and the improved white balance further enhances picture performance.

A key feature of the iCAM50x series has been its highly portable and lightweight form factor – less than 200grams. This is achieved by allowing image quality feedback via the camera’s three LED lights. This powerful feature has been enhanced in the iCAM502 which carries the latest image analysis software, providing greatly improved picture quality, speed of shot and overall camera performance. The camera also comes with a removable rubber casing which enhances durability and grip whilst retaining portability and ease of use.

“The iCAM501 Ultra continues to be an outstanding success for Extronics due to its cost-effective combination of portability and performance,” Said John Hartley, Managing Director at Extronics.  “The new iCAM502 builds on that success and is designed for those customers demanding improved picture performance, particularly close-up images.”