Flex Connectors have developed a new PIR sensor head specifically for use in mental health/secure units, prisons etc. Due to its tamper-proof design the head is the ideal solution for installation in areas likely to be used by vulnerable or unpredictable occupants, at risk of harming themselves or others.

Operating at PELV (protected extra low voltage), this extremely small and unobtrusive device is mounted through a 32mmØ hole and sits flush against the ceiling, secured by two tamper-proof screws. Alternatively, it can be fixed directly to a standard BESA box should a surface installation be required.

The appropriate flex7 Control Pack, required to power the sensor, can be sited in a secure location where it is protected from unsolicited interference. Any additional switching required to facilitate override or absence functions also operates at PELV, making it possible to site them in locations where mains devices could not be considered under normal circumstances.