The Datalogic range of MATRIX barcode scanners have always proven more than capable at decoding barcode data at high speed and with pin point accuracy.

Now any scanner with DL.CODE 1.5 firmware and above gives you the added benefit of live statistics of good reads, no reads and bad read counts along with live images direct from the camera.  You also get the added benefit of diagnostic information so in the fast paced world of logistics you can with ease check multiple scanners across the factory or warehouse to identify any potential issues from any network location.

What is a real game changer is the web interface is fully mobile optimised and does not require any additional app meaning you can walk your conveyer system and log into any scanner to get real time information and visibility.

When you want to take your data collection to the next level you can then add an Advantech WISE-4470-S250 3G IoT wireless sensor node to datalog decode data, any I/O outputs and fault codes to a cloud location over the 3G cellular network for traceability and backup giving you total visibility of your auto ID application.