EMC shielding range extended

Feb 12, 2013 | Cables and Accessories

M Buttkereit has extended its icotek range of EMC cable shielding products to include the PFS/SCL shield clamps. This new range is designed with a quick attachment clip for easy mounting onto busbars, and also features a slim profile which is ideal for higher density cable mounting within a limited space.

Adequate shielding and earthing of cabling is becoming increasingly important, particularly where higher levels of protection are required against equipment failure due to EMC emissions. Typically, process measurement and other control equipment can be adversely affected in this manner. To achieve the positive and protective shielding, a small section of the cable outer insulation is stripped off, and the exposed cable shielding layer then simply pushed into and securely located within the shield clamps. These clamps also provide cable strain relief in accordance with VDE.

In large frequency fields, these shield clamps provide low resistance, greatly reducing high frequency interference, to offer a solution for EMC shielding. When the cable has been suitably stripped, this ensures a fast, tool-free assembly with the cable simply pressed into a positive clamped location to provide effective bonding and grounding.

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