ifm electronic is looking forward to welcoming visitors to Scotland Works with a display concentrating on condition monitoring, the centrepiece of which will be the VNB211, a tool for protecting important machinery.

The VNB211 sensor, just a small part of ifm’s condition monitoring equipment, combines both velocity and acceleration measurements in one device and offers switch and transmitter outputs and a multi-coloured local display.

As with all ifm vibration sensors, the VNB can monitor to the ISO 10816 standard. Its ability to also monitor higher frequencies in acceleration allows earlier detection of numerous important machine faults, enabling it to simultaneously check for vibration increases caused by issues such as imbalance, misalignment, looseness, bearings defects, gear issues, machine impacts and pump cavitation etc.

The option to connect and monitor an additional external analogue signal, and on-board history storage add to the usefulness of the VNB.