Electrical specialists Lewden Palazzoli has launched a new range of TP&N Distribution Boards (type B) that are perfect for use in modern commercial and industrial installations.

Designed and engineered in the UK, the boards provide flexibility to allow installation engineers to create a functional distribution board that protects the electrical system in a compact and modern enclosure.

Each of the boards have been produced to save space as well as provide the installer with a quick and easy wiring installation. All earth and neutral terminations are on both left and right hand sides of the board for clear identification of load circuit connections. To allow installation engineers the versatility of creating a bespoke system, Lewden now provide a choice of main switch to suit the exact installation. The range is available in four modular sizes: 4, 8, 12 and 16 that are compliant to BS EN 61439-3:2012 standards, these are compatible with the company’s 10kA MCB and RCBO range.

The Lewden Palazzoli boards have a robust steel construction suitable for wall mounting plus removable top and bottom undrilled gland plates. The rigid outer casing prevents distortion and the lockable hinged door provides extra security, whilst the white powder coated casing gives the board a sleek modern, yet unobtrusive style. A range of new accessories including a cable extension box, TPN board coupling box, 19 module extension enclosure and multifunction metering kit will be launched by Lewden in the near future.

The TP&N Distribution Boards are ideal for any commercial premises such as offices, warehouses, factories, or schools.

For more information or to request the TP&N brochure contact Lewden on 01376 336200 or download the brochure from the website www.lewden.com.