Any company that is selling lighting needs to have the peace of mind that the products it stocks will deliver the performance that customers expect. In parallel, those customers want to ensure they are buying high quality products – and if they are disappointed once they will probably look elsewhere in the future.

Consequently, independent verification of lighting performance is a valuable sales tool for the wholesaler while also providing the reassurance that the customer desires. The LIA Laboratories Verified scheme provides verification to ISO 17025, while the LIA Laboratories itself is certified to ISO 17065, which sets the standard for certifying bodies.

“Confidence in products has long been important for both vendors and customers and this has become increasingly important in relation to increasingly popular LED lighting,” explained the LIA Laboratories General Manager Mark Salt. “LEDs use electronic technology, so these systems are complex and the quality of components, along with the way they are assembled, has a significant impact on overall performance.

“The verification procedures we carry out provide a rigorous assessment of every aspect of their performance, so that anyone purchasing a product bearing the LIA Laboratories brand mark can buy with confidence,” he continued.