Optimized electrical distribution systems through state-of-the-art cloud architecture

As the demand for energy increases from advanced manufacturing, automation, process plants and commercial premises, the need for effective energy management is becoming increasingly important. 

Optimizing the electrical system can significantly reduce energy consumption in any facility, particularly a building or a factory. By using advanced technology to gather data from multiple sources, facility operators can ensure energy is proactively managed, decrease the need for maintenance, and reduce costs by up to 30%.

ABB Ability™ solutions

The ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System connects circuit breakers to a cloud platform, enabling data to be collected from the full electrical system. It can be managed remotely through an intuitive interface to supervise the entire electrical system and perform remote diagnosis from anywhere at any time.

Upgrade solution with Ekip UP

Ekip UP equipped with Ekip Com Hub establishes the cloud connection for a specific feeding line, load or even for the whole distribution system. This dedicated cartridge type communication module just needs to be inserted into the terminal box and connected to the internet using an external router.  It is also possible to retrofit Ekip UP to both ABB Switchgear and 3rd party switchgear, therefore ABB Ability – EDCS can be applied to new and existing sites.

The all-in-one innovation

Emax 2 all-in-one is the first circuit breaker that matches new grid requirements. It enables a direct communication to the new energy management cloud-computing platform ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System. Smart and plug and play architecture makes Emax 2 all-in-one easy to use. Leveraging also unmatched electrical performances, Emax 2 sets a new circuit-breaker benchmark for the needs of today and tomorrow.

  • Efficiency and control
    Managing loads in any condition is now possible thanks to Advanced Functionalities such as Adaptive load shedding, Predictive load shedding, Power Controller, Embedded ATS, Synchro-reclosing, Adaptive protection, Interface protection system and Interface Device.
  • Connectivity
    Complete integration into smart grids, buildings and industrial plants is possible. Up to 30% time savings for wiring connections.
  • Performance
    Four sizes are available. Compact dimensions and high performance. Up to a 25% cost savings in both footprint and copper.
  • Ease of use and safety
    Productivity is increased while all stages, from design to daily operations, are simplified. Up to 15% time savings for terminal connection installation. Unique alarm tracking and network analyser for the best continuity of service.


The ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System lets customers optimize the operating conditions by enabling them to move from a routine, schedule-based to real, needs-based maintenance.

The ABB Predictive maintenance algorithm makes maintenance smarter, quicker and less expensive by allowing users to remotely monitor power system health and providing a predictive maintenance analysis so that service is only performed when necessary.

The analysis takes into consideration different key factors, such as the number of mechanical operations, nominal current, overloads and short circuits, and environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, vibration and corrosion. 

This cloud-based solution significantly reduces the risk of unplanned shutdowns and thus maximizes service continuity, makes management simpler and cuts investment costs.

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