Kimberly Clark Corporation (KCC) – leading global manufacturer of essentials, with brands sold in more than 175 countries – needed a smart power monitoring and measurement solution that could match its demanding electrical infrastructure and production schedule at key facilities including Northfleet and Flintshire Mills.

KCC chose an innovative solution from European manufacturer and integrated power specialist, Socomec, that was easy to retrofit into existing switchboards, communicating data back to the existing control system.

Kerry Hunter, Northfleet Mill Project Engineer comments; “At KCC, we strive to address issues like reducing our energy consumption and our carbon footprint, and we understand how it affects all aspects of our business – from regulatory compliance to cost implications to environmental and social concerns.  Working with Socomec, we have been able to analyse and take increased control of our power usage at our busy manufacturing sites in the UK.

We only have small windows of opportunity to install the new meters, like maintenance and Christmas shutdowns, soit was vital that we got the installation and commissioning right first time.  Along with technical and cost criteria, speed of installation was a key consideration when choosing a supplier for our metering solution. With support from Socomec, it was easy to install and connect the new metering system to our existing control system.”

In collaboration with KCC, Socomec identified the optimum solution for KCC’s unique requirements: the Diris B30 meters using split core transformers for measuring and monitoring electrical installations.

The Diris B-30 meters and monitors all electrical parameters including events (sags and swells), power quality (individual harmonics to the 63rd rank) and will detect the current sensor ratio automatically. 

A flexible solution, Diris B-30 has the ability to monitor several circuits thanks to four independent current sensor inputs.  A compact, modular device, it can operate with a voltage transformer for MV and HV feeds.

Measurement accuracy is guaranteed according to IEC standard 61557-12 (Class 0.5 from 2% to 120% of rated current for the global measurement chain and Class 0.2 for the meter alone).

The base device can communicate either wirelessly or via RS485 Modbus and offers several additional communication protocols (Profibus, Bacnet, Modbus TCP).  Measurement and metering data can be displayed on a Diris D-30 remote screen and centralised and made available on an Ethernet network using a Diris-G communication gateway.

Truly Plug & Play, current sensors can be connected rapidly and reliably (RJ12).  The system will automatically detect ratings and will correct current flow direction, and will also prevent wiring errors, allowing for the disconnection of the current sensor secondary under load.

Ideal for industrial applications, Socomec’s Diris B-30 is quick and simple to install and can be retrofitted to existing switchboards. Commissioning is straightforward with free confirguration software and the auto detection of CT ratios.

Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director, Socomec comments; “Socomec is committed to finding solutions to the world’s most critical energy issues and has invested heavily in the development of our new highly disruptive, digital electrical measurement technology.  We have drawn on the breadth and depth of expertise within our business – from all around the world – and over forty of our specialist R&D team members have been dedicated to successful delivery of this transformational new technology. 

Securing long term energy supplies, the identification of drivers for greener buildings, better use of people, energy, space and time – as well as supply, demand, security and storage issues related to energy consumption – are increasingly challenging and important issues for our industry.  Our latest innovation enables customers to optimise energy efficiency and comply with the increasingly demanding legislative and policy demands.  With improved precision and superior technical performance, Diris Digiware delivers global accuracy class 0.5 in accordance with IEC 61557-12 from 2% to 120% of the current sensor primary rating.”