We are excited to announce the new TUNS1200 part of the TUNS series from Cosel is available from Components Bureau, the new power module designed for industrial and medical applications boasts 21% more power in a 36% smaller footprint than the current 1kW industry standard. Packaged in sealed housing with an aluminium baseplate, the TUNS1200 is the latest member of COSEL’s TUNS series, which includes a 50W ¼ brick, 100W ½ brick and 300, 500 and 700W full brick units. The TUNS1200 has a height of just 12.7 mm (0.5”) and weighs less than 280 grams.

The TUNS 1200F offers a wide input voltage 85VAC to 305VAC and output voltages 28V & 48V with a 12V model coming soon.

The model is approved to UL62368-1 and EN62368-1 with 2 x MOOP with 3000VAC input to output isolation and 1 x MOOP with 2000VAC input to isolation.

Designed with the latest technology, the TUNS1200 delivers its full power up to +85 degrees centigrade baseplate temperature, and able to operate safely at up to +100 degrees centigrade with a derating. TUNS1200 modules can be paralleled up to nine units (up to 9,750W), their output voltage can be adjusted down to zero volts, and easily set to constant voltage or constant current operating modes.

Benefiting from a design optimized for conduction cooling, the TUNS1200 is suitable for applications requiring a silent power solution such as in a surgery room. Equally, it is suitable for industrial applications when forced air ventilation is impossible due to environmental constraints. Attached to a chassis or cold plate, the TUNS1200 can deliver impressive power with a high level of reliability.

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