Sill Lighting has provided another Olympic lighting scheme for Basildon Sporting Village. The £38 million project was the London 2012 training camp for the Japanese Olympic and Paralympic swimming team.

Basildon Sporting Village is part of the £1 Billion being invested in Basildon town centre. The Sporting Village will deliver a facility for the people of the region, equipped with a 50 metre international size pool and much more, offering a wealth of activities and services for all.

The lighting scheme combines two high performance features – Sill’s 467 twin halide lamp projectors and Pracht Apollo ‘O’ ring sealed high efficiency linear fluorescent luminaires closely integrated on a well designed trunking system.

The lighting scheme for the pool uses 36 of Sill’s 467 and 15 of Sill’s 453 plane projectors using 400w and 150w ceramic metal halide lamps respectively for excellent colour rendering. The luminaires were chosen as they are precision made, high quality and high IP rated and are a clean, modern design that blends well with the surroundings of the pool.

Sill’s 467 power plane projectors with twin 400w metal halide lamps uplight the roof for illumination without veiling glare. Both projectors are equipped with asymmetric reflectors for excellent uniformity and the bodies of the luminaires are anti-chlorine coated.

Sill was specified by M & E contractors, Emcor UK for its ability to meet a demanding specification with challenging structural features, together with lighting switching options to meet a variety of usage levels. As well as supplying high quality luminaires for the project, Sill also provided lighting scheme design and assistance with the design of a suspension system. 

Allan Read of Emcor UK commented, “The project required a special approach with luminaires and bespoke brackets that were suitable for the environment. We are very happy with the results, the Sill team have been very helpful throughout the whole process.” 

Also supplied for the project by Sill, were a number of Apollo fluorescent luminaires by Pracht. 41 Pracht Apollos were specified with a darklight louvre and 20 with an opal diffuser for the learner pool. The key advantage of the Apollo luminaire is that instead of a 3 metre long gasket, the weak point of most ingress-protected fluorescent fittings, there are just two 45mm ‘O’ rings for efficient sealing.

The Apollo luminaires present a slim, elegant range of IP65 Class II rated fluorescent luminaires with sealed adjustable reflectors, designed for more aggressive environments as they are waterproof, dust proof and chemical proof.  The Apollo range has luminaire housings made in white, fibreglass-reinforced, flame-resistant polyester resin which is also resistant to acid and alkalis.  The luminaires are available in either T5 or T8 versions, with single and twin lamp models in several wattages.  All Apollo fittings are made to high specification with silicon seals and silver-plated contacts for durability and long life.

The Sill 453 series plane projector is able to use a wide range of lamps from 13w-300w and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can be mounted on walls, ceilings or in combination with a mast system and a wide range of reflectors for different light distribution is available. The small, low profile housing makes it the ideal solution for many different applications.

The Sill 467 plane projectors have housings with large heat dissipating cooling fins, made from Si12 corrosion resistant die-cast aluminium. The use of an optional internal lamp shutter that covers the arc of the lamp avoids glare problems for sports use.

Both projectors from Sill offer a high efficiency and long lamp lifespan due to the luminaires’ thermal engineering. The projectors are popular with lighting designers and architects and have been used in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings.

The Sporting Village, run for the council by the company Everyone Active, offers facilities including an athletics stadium, gymnastics hall, eight badminton courts, a 100-machine fitness suite, an indoor climbing wall and 17 outdoor football pitches.

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