Renowned Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialists, Borri Ltd has developed a revolutionary new operational topology for its back-up power solutions that not only delivers exceptional efficiency levels but is also impressively cost efficient.

Drawing on its technical experience which spans over 80 years, Borri has cleverly replicated the high efficiency savings gained through standard three level conversion in a far simpler and more cost effective manner to create a revolutionary new functioning mode – Green Conversion.

Where three level conversion was initially developed to focus on improving just the operational efficiency of a UPS, it relies on a significant number of additional components, which increases the overall running costs of UPS units using this technology. Conversely Borri’s unique Green Conversion mode reduces the amount of parts required but can still achieve the same high efficiency levels of up to 96 percent.  

Using a bespoke and highly sophisticated Advanced Control Technology (ACT), which increases efficiency in a two level (six IGBT) inverter configuration, Green Conversion could be seen as a streamlined version of three level inverter technology.

However, Green Conversion, not only cuts costs, but also reduces switching losses, providing even better power protection, while an intricate redesign of the inverter further reduces inductor losses.

By opting to maintain the same number of IGBT’s as standard two level conversion, there is no increase in conduction loss and Green Conversion technology actually minimises these losses further by reducing the switching frequency (6-7kHz).

Designed to ensure maximum control and separation between the supply line and the load, where power is entirely supplied by the inverter, Green Conversion operation benefits from all the functional characteristics of online double conversion mode (VFI). This isolation of the unit protects the load from any input disturbances, enabling it to deliver a perfect sinusoidal and conditioned power output.

Borri’s highly advanced Green Conversion technology delivers superior stability of the output, which maintains a sinusoidal waveform even at low switching frequencies.

This latest breakthrough in UPS technology from Borri offers end users increased flexibility and is a far more affordable solution than standard three level conversion. Not only does it deliver exceptional cost savings but it is also highly reliable; capable of providing essential back up power to the most critical environments.

Although Green Conversion ticks many boxes as a standalone operating mode in terms of gaining efficiency, affordability and functionality, a leading integrated energy company Eni wanted Borri to take the development even further. Pushing the boundaries of UPS technology, Borri has gone on to fabricate what is now the most efficient UPS solution on the market, which is capable of achieving 99.5 percent efficiency at half load.

Now known as The Primacy, this revolutionary UPS solution cleverly combines three sophisticated operating modes including ACT, Green Conversion and Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) to deliver a UPS system that has not only broken efficiency records but has also retained the integrity of the purpose of a UPS – to provide reliable back up power protection.  

Borri has been providing back-up power services for over 80 years and as such knows that the single most important attribute of a UPS system is its reliability. It is the company’s dedication to research and development that has enabled it to pioneer some of the greatest achievements in UPS technology. The Eni project is another example of Borri not only delivering reliability but also superior power safety.

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