One sensor, three languages: wenglor’s new WinTec Transit Time Sensors are equipped with everything you need for intelligent, future automation. In combination with three Industrial Ethernet variants, innovative WinTec Technology makes the OY2TA104P0150 a new pioneer for “Industrie 4.0” applications. The ingenious product highlight is distinguished by efficiency through performance, safety through quality and intelligent networking through innovation. “These features will be demanded by our customers in the future, but we’re fulfilling them already today”, explains wenglor R&D director Dr. Ing. Alexander Ohl.

wenglor’s highly advanced product is the only Transit Time Sensor on the market which is available with Ethernet’s PROFINET protocol, as well as with EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP. The sensors can communicate actively and are known individually by the system, and thus fulfill “Industrie 4.0’s” highest conformity level, namely CP44. But they’re not only ahead of the times thanks to intelligent communication capabilities – innovative, award-winning WinTec technology makes the OY2TA104P0150 a genuine sensor fireball. “Reliable and accurate detection of black and glossy objects, even in extremely inclined positions, has been one of wenglor’s core areas of expertise for years and is in greater demand than ever before in industrial applications around the world”, adds chief design engineer Dr. Ohl. Furthermore, the large working range of 0.1 to 10.1 meters qualifies the new product highlight for numerous complex detection and measuring tasks in modern automation systems.
The broad bandwidth of technical characteristics and functions provides this Transit Time Sensor with additional, top performance capabilities: an integrated PoE interface reduces expensive wiring effort to a minimum and the compact housing (81 x 55 x 30 mm) permits space-saving, easy installation. A built-in web server assures worldwide access to all sensor functions, for example in order to conduct location-independent diagnosis. The convenient plug&play functions, as well as the graphic OLED display, also ensure maximized ease of use, “This large number of functions united within a single, compact housing is internationally distinctive and will have a lasting influence on the market”, predicts Dr. Ohl with confidence.
All in all, this results in a unique products which seamlessly fits into wenglor’s range of “Industrie 4.0” compatible sensors and, beyond this, has an enormous breadth of high-performance features. The WinTec Transit Time Sensor is available as of immediately in the following variants: OY2TA104P0150P (PROFINET), OY2TA104P0150C (EtherCAT) and OY2TA104P0150E (EtherNet/IP).

The highlights at a glance:

  • PROFINET, EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP
  • Active communication capabilities and recognition within the system (CP44)
  • WinTec technology
  • Compact housing
  • Plug&play function
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Web server for diagnostics
  • OLED display

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