A special instructional film shows how a new range of multifunction irradiance meters enable installers to carry out comprehensive solar PV site surveys and installation testing quickly and easily.

The new Solar Survey meters from Seaward Solar combine high performance irradiance measurement with a host of other features. A special film guide for users is available at http://www.seawardsolar.com/products/solar-irradiance-meter

Both the Solar Survey 100 and 200R instruments incorporate a precision PV cell sensor for the highly accurate irradiance measurement, displaying results in either Wm-2 or BTU/hr-ft2 and making them  ideal for both solar PV and solar thermal site surveys, as well as installation and performance testing.

Uniquely, the new multi function units also incorporate a digital compass, a digital tilt meter and a dual channel precision thermometer.

These special features enable the user to quickly identify the location where maximum levels of solar power can be collected and accurately measure irradiance, roof pitch, orientation and both ambient air and PV module temperature.

Both the 100 and 200R incorporate a display hold feature to allow readings to be captured in difficult locations. The Solar Survey 200R has the added benefit of a large internal memory and USB interface for the downloading of results to a PC.

These additional features in the 200R form part of a special wireless Solarlink capability providing wireless connectivity with the Seaward Solar PV150 electrical installation tester. This enables real-time irradiance to be displayed and measured at the same time as electrical testing is being undertaken.

This means that irradiance, module and ambient temperature can be recorded in real time within the PV150 as the electrical tests are conducted.

The battery powered and rugged Solar Survey irradiance meters are indispensable tool for all those involved in solar installation work by enabling the operator to rapidly identify the optimum location for harnessing the sun’s energy.