Mackwell Electronics has launched XYLUX® LS, a high performance self-contained LED emergency luminaire that delivers 3 hours rated emergency output.  XYLUX® LS can be tailored to the exact needs of the project, thanks to an intelligent selection of technology bases and fascia’s that can be combined to create a product that fits the application.

The versatile XYLUX® LS luminaire can cater for specific requirements thanks to a range of compatible fascia’s that feature tailored optics for optimum light distribution, making it the perfect solution for High-Bay, Mid-Bay, Open-Area and Escape Route requirements.  For high ceiling projects, the mid and high-bay fascia’s have been engineered to cater for mounting heights up to 30 metres.  XYLUX® LS is also available in IP65 versions, featuring a durable housing to ensure the product is protected from dust, dirt and water, enabling efficient and impressive performance in challenging environments. The unit also incorporates an LED module, a 2.2Ah NiMH battery pack with 3 hours’ emergency duration and a deep discharge protection circuit.

XYLUX® LS is simple to install thanks to the clever use of space within the base of the luminaire which provides ample room for the termination of incoming cables and the option of through wiring, in addition to metal conduit location. It can be surface mounted to offer a robust alternative to 8W fluorescent bulkheads and is available with a choice of lenses and technology options. Integrally, the luminaire has a status indicator, an optional test switch and features SmartChargeTM technology for NiMH battery variants.

As with all Mackwell products, XYLUX® LS has been designed and manufactured in the UK.