Lewden has established an enviable reputation as experts in the manufacture and supply of switched sockets, all of which are designed for maximum safety, reliability, durability and ease of installation. Switched and mechanically interlocked sockets combine a padlockable rotary isolation switch with a receptacle, in one compact unit. A mechanical interlock prevents making or breaking of the electrical circuit under load conditions by not allowing the isolator to be switched on until a mating plug has been fully inserted, not the plug to be withdrawn until the isolator has been switched off. The company is constantly adding new, customer driven designs to its product portfolio.

Tais is a comprehensive switched and mechanically interlocked socket range from 16 – 125A and specifically engineered for the most arduous environmental conditions. The flameproof thermosetting material used in its construction will not burn or cause smoke and will not deteriorate with age. This material is 100% resistant to most aggressive substances such as hydrocarbons, acids and oils. An integral circuit protection device such as fuses/MCB/RCD/RCBO can be incorporated into this product and it is particularly suited to use in factories, farms, distilleries, refrigeration areas and fuel deposits.

topTER is a new generation of sockets for industrial environments from Lewden that available in two formats, modular for self-assembly or pre-assembled to customers’ requirements. With an impressive double degree of protection to IP66 and IP67, the sockets are guaranteed protection from dust, water jets and temporary immersion and can be used in temperatures ranging from -25ºC to +50ºC. The new design is aesthetically pleasing, and takes account of installer safety, by offering a higher level of protection against accidental contact. Protection is provided against short circuit, overload and residual current, by incorporating either MCB’s or RCD’s, or in a combination.

All the combinations are IEC61439 Compliant. Utilising topTER’s modular option, numerous circuits can be created with the minimum components due to the modular nature of the system where industrial, interlocked and 13A sockets, including data transmissions, can be combined with absolute freedom.

Lewden’s Ulysee series of pre-wired, quick assembly interlocked sockets is the only heavy duty interlocked socket on the market available in white, which has been designed with food processing and healthcare applications in mind. Installation is fast thanks to the mounting with only two screws and pre-wired sockets, saving up to 30% on installation time using conventional, heavy duty sockets. Padlockable in 0 and 1 positions, Ulysee offers a new kind of operation with its semi-spherical shape, making it easy to handle even with gloves on.

Interlocked, high resistance sockets on the market, with versions from 16A up to 250A and is suitable for use in areas where there is a presence of highly abrasive substances. Alupres products are manufactures from aluminium alloy and passivized with fluoro-zirconium and powder painting surface treatment to improve the characteristics of resistance to impacts and chemical agents. The fuse-holder base in ceramic and the interlock system in steel, which are tightly fixed at the base of the socket, are the best materials to provide maximum safety. Operation is padlockable in positions 0 and 1 to prevent non-authorised personnel activating or deactivating.