Today, technology is advancing at a remarkable pace. For the customers of test equipment hire company Inlec, this makes life easier as it introduces more efficient ways of conducting tests and undertaking the commissioning of installations. The downside of this rapid development, however, is that test equipment becomes obsolete very quickly.

With the increasing cost of equipment and the increasing variety of tools needed to maintain or commission installations, it means that capital investment in expensive equipment rapidly turns into very expensive doorstops. So, what is the solution?

Inlec keep abreast of the latest technology and maintain an ongoing programme of investment in test and measurement equipment. The company also has sufficient stock to guarantee delivery within 24 hours in most cases, and a skilled team of technicians is on hand to offer advice and support.

Inlec offer calibration services accredited to ISO 17025:2005 by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS). The requirements of the company’s ISO 9002 accreditation are also maintained throughout all processes including repair, as well as calibration, or when using associated companies.

A good example of the range of Inlec’s services is demonstrated by relay testers. The Omicron CMC356, a universal relay test set and commissioning tool, is now available for hire direct from Inlec. The CMC 356 is well suited for commissioning engineers who will appreciate its ability to perform wiring and plausibility checks of current transformers using primary injection of high currents from this compact and portable test set.

Also new from Inlec is the Kilovolt range of portable high voltage (HV) test equipment for insulation testing of medium voltage power cable systems at substations, building sites and in cable trenches. These German HV test sets offer compactness, optimum ratio of output power to weight, advanced safety features and a rugged, field-proven construction.

The Kilovolt units join Inlec’s existing portfolio of HV test equipment, including B2’s lightweight HVA60 and HVA90 VLF test sets, capable of testing XLPE, PE, EPR, PILC type cable insulation and more at up to 60kV and 90kV respectively, and the compact SebaKMT Sinus 34kV VLF test set offering 34kV dc and square wave output, 24kV VLF sine wave output and a measuring range of 14mA. Inlec stocks a large number of VLF units from a variety of manufacturers, covering a broad range of voltages.

Inlec is offering a ten percent discount on any hire agreement if the enquirer quotes this article by name within 60 days of publication. This offer is limited to one agreement per company.

According to Inlec there are five good reasons why you should consider hiring your test equipment rather than purchasing it outright.

Firstly, there’s no waiting for delivery from the manufacturer – Inlec promises next day delivery on all equipment from its hire portfolio. Secondly, why not try before you buy? An inappropriate purchase may be difficult to live down.

Thirdly, you don’t have the worry of maintenance and calibration. And fourth, hired equipment can come to your aid while your own capital equipment is being repaired, saving unnecessary down-time.

Finally, and rather importantly, you get the latest technology so you avoid that expensive obsolescence trap.