Two new models have been added to Unitemp’s range of AR series environmental test chambers. The new 220 and 390 litre models are available with or without humidity and have a temperature change of 5°C per minute.

These energy efficient models are designed for the testing of electronic/electrical components and equipment, automotive parts and other small components, assemblies and products. Improved fast temperature and humidity cycling with increased ramping provides the capabilities to validate quality and reliability for the item under test.

The chambers have an operational temperature of -75/-45 to 180°C and 10/98% RH. The units can support electrically charged specimens and withstand up to 3,000W of heat load.

The colour LCD touchscreen control panel is situated on the left hand side of the door. The included instrumentation package provides for versatile programmable operation with a high volume memory for up to 20 operating patterns. In the event of an alarm, a screen displays the relevant information, followed by an indication of the cause and suggested corrective actions.

These models are constructed inside and out from stainless steel and are equipped with castors to facilitate easy movement. The test volume dimensions are 700mm x 800 x 400 and 700mm x 800 x 700 respectively, with weight of 390 and 405kg.

New features include cable ports on both sides which allow free access on both sides to the test areas and water tank. Optional extras include a portable paperless temperature and humidity recorder, temperature sensor terminal, viewing window, humidifier delay control and condenser filter.


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