CP Electronics has just launched Vitesse Plus Hardwired, the next step in the evolution of energy control. Vitesse Plus Hardwired is a new family of lighting control systems (LCMs) that have been specifically designed to make commissioning fast, simple and effective. At its heart, Vitesse Plus Hardwired is a 6 channel LCM which provides dimming and switching capabilities via powerful pre-designed configurations.

Engineered for a wide range of commercial and public applications, Vitesse Plus is particularly suitable for applications where cabling is restricted to conduit, is concealed or inaccessible due to a lack of false ceiling space. Perfect for controlling any light source in any building, Vitesse Plus offers a wide range of built-in features to meet the needs of a variety of building spaces.  Designed with the installer in mind, Vitesse Plus is simple to install and easy to connect, providing quick and effective installation options for all mounting locations. Its unique, built-in pre-set configurations keep commissioning to a minimum whilst ensuring maximum flexibility.

CP has developed a collection of pre-set lighting control schemes that suit a wide range of requirements which are chosen by matching the application to one of the pre-sets and then activating using the programming handset. Alternatively, elements can be customised individually to achieve a bespoke configuration. This highly sophisticated, 6-channel lighting control system delivers a wide choice of configurations, making it fully adaptable to the building space.

CP Electronics are expert in the design and manufacture energy saving devices, from standalone detectors to fully integrated control systems.  For more information see the website www.cpelectronics.co.uk.