Instruments specialist Chauvin Arnoux has launched its first earth clamp with oblong head for testing earth resistance in multi-earth installations. The new CA6418 earth clamp comes with a carry case and calibration shunt and is ideal for quick testing of 30 x 40mm or 20 x 55mm rectangular earth bars and cables up to 32mm diameter.

Ergonomically designed, with features such as an OLED display ensuring 180-degree visibility in all lighting conditions the CA6418 clamp simultaneously displays the earth resistance and leakage current. An automatic “pre-Hold” mode when the clamp is opened, and automatic compensation of the jaw gap when powering up, ensure optimized processing of the measurements provided by the CA6418.

The clampmeter provides earth resistance measurement from 0.01 to 1,200 O and current measurements from 0.5 mA to 20 A. The instrument boasts a large internal memory which allows it to time and date-stamp 300 measurements thanks to the real time clock. There is an automatic hold of the display when the clamp is opened, and other features include an automatic calibration of the jaw gap and recalibration possible without returning to factory settings.

The C.A 6418 clampmeter comes with its own carrying case and wrist strap, four 1.5 V batteries, a quick startup guide, a multi-language safety datasheet and one verification certificate.