User-friendly and robust, ifm’s new generation of PN sensors offer everything at a glance for enhanced transparency during setup and identification of machine conditions.

Although the housing size has remained unchanged, the display size has been increased and the two switching status LEDs on the sensor head are bigger, brighter and can be clearly seen from all angles. The user can change the display to switch from red or green to an alternating indication of red or green, so switching states can be highlighted or an independent colour ‘window’ can be created. The sensor is now quicker to set using three pushbuttons.

Features include high overload protection, IP67 classification, and captive laser labelling. After fitting, the sensor can be rotated for visibility from the desired direction. This allows multiple units to be aligned in the same direction. Another innovation is the inclusion of versions with external thread as well as internal.

The PN series covers 10 different pressure ranges, starting at 1 bar negative pressure to 600 bar; different units can offer switched outputs or combined switched and analogue.

A key feature of any modern sensor is the facility to remotely set the device, store parameters externally and ensure that the device is correct for the application. This is possible with IO-Link.