The first priority during a fire in a public space is the safe evacuation of people.

Patients are moved from hospitals, passengers escorted from airports and industrial buildings cleared of workers.

Ensto Vulcano is a high quality, fire protection junction box for system critical circuits that buys time for rescue workers to perform this important evacuation work.

The product can provide up to 90 precious life-saving minutes helping to keep power flowing, emergency lighting operational and water pressure systems intact.

Building on their considerable experience with industrial enclosures Ensto have developed Vulcano to give designers new flexibility and options in making sure their buildings comply with directives and standards to be as safe as they can possibly be.

Faster installation times are achieved as everything is pre-mounted in the enclosure. This includes quick release lid screws, fastening lugs, push seal cable grommets and the ceramic terminals which are so durable they could be used again after a thousand-degree fire bath.

When the temperature reaches 1,000°C the plastic enclosure will have melted away but the special metal alloy terminals inside ceramic housings retain their shape and continue to function.  Tapping terminals are another advantage during installation as each has four common connection points eliminating the need to put multiple conductors under one screw.

The full range of industrial enclosures from Ensto including Vulcano is available from OEM Automatic Ltd.

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