Fulham Company Europe has recently launched a new European spec. all-in-one, LED driver, emergency driver/inverter and battery backup.

Complying with all relevant European standards, including emergency lighting and the latest revisions, Fulham’s new HotSpot Plus takes away the headache of emergency lighting for luminaire manufacturers.

The all-in-one solution eliminates typical wiring and installation nightmares usually associated with emergency lighting circuits. HotSpot Plus is one single case unit with a maximum 45W dimmable LED driver integrated with cable-clamp, loop-in/loop-out connectors for mains input and LED output connectors to the luminaire.

The extremely compact unit has an integrated, replaceable battery with 12 hour recharge and a discharge capacity to power a selectable 3W/180minutes or 6W/90minutes.

The LED driver output is programmable with a quick and easy to use hand held digital programmer. This allows selection of the required output current in 1mA increments from 250mA to 1400mA. For lighting manufacturers and electrical wholesalers this means that just one single product need be carried in stock to cover a vast number of emergency LED requirements which will be compatible with an extensive array of LED luminaires.

In the event of a power outage, the unswitched/ permanent live connection to the HotSpot Plus will detect the emergency and will automatically switch-over to the integrated battery and emergency driver. Using a simple selector switch on the HotSpot Plus, you can pre-set the required emergency output power up to 6W for 1.5 hours, the default being set at 3W output for 3 hours.

Automatic self-test functionality is also included, this fully complying with the European standards for monthly and annual test requirements.

Each HotSpot Plus comes with a dual colour, green & red LED status indicator with integrated test-switch. Static green indication will show healthy and correct operation whilst the static red indication alerts of a problem. This circular indicator / test switch is supplied on a lead and comes with mounting rings to enable quick and easy installation.

Additional advanced features such as programmable dimming curve, NTC input (temperature protection) and built-in “black-box” for collection of usage data (hours operated and at what temperature for example) are also included as standard.

The HotSpot Plus is a very simple to use compact unit, easy to set-up and quick to install whilst powerful and feature-packed, providing a valuable all-in-one emergency LED solution. It carries a five year warranty (three years battery warranty) and is available for sampling now.

The Fulham brand is gaining enormous pace in Europe, the company having recently expanded its presence with its new head office in the Netherlands which serves its growing European distributor and OEM customer base as well as housing its design centre for LED drivers.

As an innovator of intelligent lighting components for energy efficient and sustainable lighting solutions, Fulham engages in a continuous product development programme. The company prides itself in the quality of its products and service. Its lighting components are featured in many lighting manufacturers’ luminaires including commercial and industrial, emergency, signage, refrigeration and street lighting.

Further information on Fulham’s new HotSpot Plus is available on +31 72 572 3000 by emailing europesales@fulham.com or visiting the company’s website at www.fulham.com