Move meets growing demand

UK market leader in modular wiring Apex Wiring Solutions has opened a new office in Australia as part of its international growth and expansion plans.

Apex’s investment in its Melbourne-based operation comes as the company sees growing demand for pre-assembled modular power and lighting systems around the world.

The move will enable the company to improve standards of service, distribution and technical support provided to customers throughout Australia.

The market for electrical services in Australia is estimated to be worth billions of dollars (AUS) a year according to BISWorld’s Electrical Services market research report*.

It is expected to generate revenue totalling AUS$11.25 billion in 2011-12, while revenue is predicted to grow by an annualised 2.3%, which comes in the face of increasing pressure on the supply chain to add value and drive down costs.

Modular wiring technologies are gaining in popularity in Australia, where mechanical and electrical specifiers are recognising the benefits of the modular approach with the adoption of some forms of pluggable system.

The use of modular systems offers a very high degree of flexibility and versatility for both the installer and end-user.

A typical system might feature pre-wired factory tested pluggable distribution boards for supplying lighting and power over a large industrial site, hospital, hotel or residential complexes and multi-storey office complexes.

The use of prefabricated connectors and preassembled cable runs can provide a high performance, reliable and flexible wiring solution which offers significant improvements over alternative systems, reducing onsite installation times by up to 70%.

Simon Waldren, managing director of Apex Wiring Solutions Australia PTY Ltd, said the opening of the new Melbourne office is an important strategic investment.

“We are going for growth this year and driving the company forward to open up new opportunities in Australia and other international territories,” he said.

“We will be able to improve the scope and quality of the specialised skills, products and experience we offer the domestic market, underpinning our reputation for delivering the highest standards of service and technical support.”

He added that the electrical wiring and accessories sector is evolving to meet the challenges placed on it by the introduction of new technologies, the availability of affordable skilled labour and the latest methods of construction such as off-site pre-fabrication, green and lean.

“Now, during the economic challenges we face here in Australia, there is more pressure than ever before on everybody to deliver projects on time and within budget, whilst still achieving cost savings in the process wherever possible,” said Simon Waldren.

“This is where the pre-assembled modular approach can provide benefits, significantly improving quality while delivering cost and time saving benefits.”

Apex Wiring Solutions has established a leading position in the market for electrical wiring products having supplied systems to over 50 PFI and ProCure21 schemes totalling over two million sq m. Using the company’s systems, a complete electrical installation can be achieved quickly and safely by plugging the system components together.

Systems are designed to customer specification using the latest PC software before being manufactured offsite in a quality controlled environment using the latest high performance components and sub-assembly techniques.

Modular wiring systems can also provide improved on site health and safety conditions because they minimise the amount of time contractors are required to work at height, while also reducing the need for onsite cable and conduit cutting tools which can cause accidents.

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* Electrical Services Market Research Report | ANZSIC E4232 | Apr 2012