Understanding Hazardous Areas and Specifying Flexible Conduit is the new Kopex-Ex 32 page guide that explains the use of electrical conduit systems in hazardous areas. Kopex-Ex products are designed for applications within industries as diverse as oil and gas, petrochemical installations, food and beverage production, the pharmaceutical industry, MOD, power generation and the utilities.
The new guide explains the concept of hazardous areas including explosive atmospheres and how to assess their product and installation requirements.  Details of the specific standards currently in force are explained including ATEX, IECEx, and UL as well as the definition of Groups, Zones, Classes & Divisions –  an area that often creates confusion.
For many installations there has to be a careful assessment of the operating environment in order to make the correct specification of electrical conduit.  Therefore the new guide spells out in detail the application of each Kopex-Ex conduit system.  Readers can also assess the advantages of selecting conduit over cable for particular installations as well as finding out the options regarding the use of equipment and components in hazardous areas.
Copies of the new guide are ideal for specifiers, contractors, distributors and users.  It is downloadable from the company’s new web-site www.tnb-hazardous.com and there is also a handy flick-book version for immediate information and advice.

The Kopex-Ex Universal Conduit Glands range has extensive approvals for use with electrical conduit installations within hazardous areas in markets such as the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and offshore industries.  This flameproof gland provides high levels of protection to electrical systems and will suit Zones I and 2 for gas and vapour applications as well as Zones 21 and 22 for hazardous dusts.

Manufactured from brass, stainless steel or nickel plated, and with an epoxy resin barrier, the Universal Gland can be combined with rigid conduit, allowing it to be used in Class I Div I applications under CEC or NEC regulations.  Approvals include ATEX  Sira 09ATEX1231X, IECEx  Sira09.0103X and CSA File No 2310045.  Other Kopex-Ex conduit fittings and cable glands can be used to achieve a barrier type connection to Class I Div II certification standards.

Universal Conduit Glands are available in 16mm – 63 mm diameters and for thread sizes for M20, M32,M40, M50, M63 thread sizes as well as from ½ NPT to 2 NPT. Temperature rating is from -60°c to +130°c and it has IP 66 ingress protection rating.

For any organisations selling electrical assemblies into the US market, the launch of the Kopex-Ex UL listed range of XP-Flex explosion-proof flexible couplings will be of particular interest. As UL listed products they are approved for use in hazardous and wet locations including Class 1, Div 1 & 2 classified areas. This classification covers areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gasses, vapours or liquids are present within the atmosphere under normal operation conditions. 

XP-Flex explosion-proof flexible couplings have a flexible bronze construction with an arc resistant inner sleeve and brass fittings. They are terminated with two threaded female end fittings and male close nipples. With their flexible design, XP-Flex couplings make it easy to achieve tight bends in electrical conduit systems in confined spaces – or to connect stationary equipment to equipment that moves or vibrates. Their explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant construction means they can be used with confidence in hazardous and wet areas.

The XP-Flex range is available in 150-915mm flexible lengths, with threads of ½, ¾ and 1 inch NPT threads available. These complement Kopex-Ex range of Enlargers, reducers and converters, Universal stopping glands and swivel glands that are also available for Class, 1 Div 1 and 2 applications The glands employ a putty to maintain any explosion within an enclosure.

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