Fluke said it is experiencing increasing demand for high-precision handheld devices which can measure photovoltaic (PV) systems in the UK.

The number of solar installations in the United Kingdom has doubled within the last year and is set to double again before 2030.

This dynamic growth is creating an ever-increasing demand for technicians who know how to troubleshoot PV systems efficiently and effectively. Clamp meters are often used in the installation and commissioning phase as well as when completing maintenance and troubleshooting.

The new-to-market Fluke 393 FC Clamp Meter is the world’s only CAT III 1500 V rated true-rms clamp meter which enables technicians to take measurements in DC environments, such as industrial solar farms. The tool was tailormade to test and measure solar PV applications with key functions including:

  • an IP54 rating which is ideal for working outdoors on solar arrays and wind power systems;
  • DC power measurement with readings displayed in kVA;
  • an audio polarity indicator to prevent accidental miswiring; and
  • Visual continuity turns provide a bright green light in the display to aid technicians working in dark and noisy environments.

Hans-Dieter Schuessele, application & technology expert EMEA at Fluke, said: “The transition to using renewable energy is accelerating and it’s critical that installers and maintenance staff have access to the right instruments to not only get solar farms online fast but can keep them working at peak performance.

“As the world’s first solar clamp meter to offer a CAT III rating at 1500 V, the Fluke 393 FC allows technicians to work safely while ensuring the use of solar energy has a bright future.”