The new Omega Pro 2 from Thorn Lighting offers a new approach to lighting control as it enables you to afford the functionality required for your project today or delay the expenditure of the materials until a later date and easily integrate your lighting control when you are ready.

In addition, the new solution enables you to personalise your lighting just the way you want it, from the lit effect, to how you wish to control it, to even the colour temperature of the room.   If you want to take advantage of the digital services now available to remotely manage the usage of the space, environmental impact or even apply navigation services within your building, the new Omega Pro 2 can connect you to the digital future via a clever new development called Connect Kit or CKIT for short.

Thorn’s patent pending new CKIT accessory range takes a modular approach to lighting control and is unique because it is a fully interchangeable plug-and-play system which can allow a master luminaire to be a slave, or a microwave sensor to become a presence motion detector quickly and easily.  These interchangeable kits offer different control options for different budgets and can accommodate simple ON/OFF switching through to wireless scene control or the lighting in a single room, floor or building.

Thorn has introduced a variety of optics, O-PEC optical range, for office and education applications, to guarantee the right light for every task.  These include:

  • The Hexagonal (HX) optic provides a highly efficient dynamic lit effect, which changes the view of the luminaire from different angles.
  • The Microprism (MPT) optic normally used in the offices, meeting rooms and classrooms for the right balance between performance and comfort.
  • The Opal (OP) optic comprises a little glare controls to provide the best wall illuminance whilst still appearing gentle and uniform in the space, with an easy-to-clean surface.

OMEGA PRO 2, combined with the O-PEC optical range provides consistency to any lighting installation as the one product family offers a variety of options that will allow for a creative lighting design.